Studio Società is an exploration into art, design & functionality. Our ethos simplified is ‘Just for Fun’ . There are no wrong answers for Studio Società, hence the term Aesthetically non-judgemental. Like kids playing with building blocks, or making up games in the park, if we have no questions then we will find the most answers. We look forward to taking you on this journey with us.
All products featured are available for purchase, customisation and licensing.

Studio Società is run by Creative Director Ryan Hanrahan. Together with his small team of designers and producers, they work across a broad platform of design projects including furniture lighting & objects, Graphic Design, Creative Direction and wholistic Interior Design projects.
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About : Ryan Hanrahan // Creative Director
Ryan Hanrahan studied Fine Arts at University and gradually side stepped through the Graphic Arts toward Furniture and Object design.
Because of his background in the Arts, Ryan brings a unique perspective to the Object design genre.

In 2010 Ryan launched Addition Studio which set it’s sights well ahead of the curve as it forged a new path into what has become the Designer Wellness genre. Addition Studio envisages a life where refined Design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. Obsessed with The Art of Ritual. Ryan is still owner and Creative Director of his first love Addition Studio.

Ryan Hanrahan is still a prolific Graphic & Visual Artist. His sketch books are filled daily with free flowing forms that drift from graphic, to object, to sculpture. He is a skilled daydreamer